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Tutor Interest Form - Helps us know and determine who will be tutoring for KTK+ in the future! If accepted, you will be receiving an email from KTK+ detailing the next steps after your acceptance! Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, and make sure to be as detailed and honest as possible!

*We are currently only operating within D204 high schools, but we are working to include other schools and grade levels in the future*

*Due to COVID-19, only online tutoring will be available as an option*
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Note: Currently, we are only operating within D204 highschools, but we are working to include other schools in the future
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Note that you can only help with classes in which you currently have above a 90% (A). We are trusting you are honest with your responses.
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Finally, why do you want to be a KTK+ Tutor? 4-5 sentences would be greatly appreciated. We would love to understand your thoughts! And if you have any suggestions, we are happy to listen. *
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