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Hey friend! I'm so excited you're here.

I've been on this journey for the past two years and it has completely enhanced my life. It took myself 5 years to finally say yes to this work, and when I allowed the vision of myself as professional network marketer to come to fruition I saw the gold that this lifestyle and mission has to offer.

Although this is an effort-full endeavor, the returning pay is tremendous: I get to support people’s transformation as a result of my work on physical, emotional, financial, mental, and emotional levels. I get to face myself, and enhance myself internally and mold the projection of myself into this reality towards a direction that is of greatest value to some of society’s greatest needs. And I get payed MULTIPLE TIMES what I made at the previous financial height of my life, owning successful gyms in Downtown Los Angeles.

I have been in traditional business for my entire working life. I started mowing lawns when I was in 5th grade. And since then have never been a full time employee. With traditional business sometimes you win, some times you lose. And I have been on both sides of the fence, in big ways. In the end, there are three major issues I had with business after operating my gyms for a decade, that eventually led me to close them down:

❌ Location Dependent: No matter how much success I had, with a brick and mirror business it was very difficult to fly to the other side of the world and be as I wanted. It was as if the business was my master and I had to always be present and eternally tied to it.

❌Huge Overhead Costs: The amount of money coming in vs the amount of money being payed out in costs was the game. And the amount of money being payed out was always great. Especially start up costs. I have even lost 6 figures twice in two different projects. And this is just the regular cost of traditional business.

❌Utilizing Employees as Tools: This was my biggest issue with the way regular business works. My employees would never be able to make more money than myself. Although I cared for them, I sent people to their homes with not enough money to live as I lived.

I closed my gyms, because I was unable to get over these hurdles. I made a list of what I wanted my next venture to be. I had been exposed to Purium for 5 years from a friend, and I always said no, because I rejected the notion of Network Marketing because of some experience I had with it in my early twenties. When I finally decided to sign on, I found that I had been pretending it was the business model’s fault I wasn’t successful, but in fact it was actually my lack of effort, and lack of responsibility for my capabilities that led to zero gain in previous endeavors.

We created The Holistic Justice League and we use Purium’s network marketing framework to help spread elevated consciousness about health, wealth, social systems, ecological stewardship, community building, personal development, emotional intelligence, sociology, and entrepreneurship. And for myself, this is an innovation of what network marketing was for me.

We all are taking a stand and moving forward in our life with responsibility for our gifts. We are in the social sharing economy and we can offer partnerships to people that make sense in the world we exist in. This is much different than hiring employees. Our success is predicated on the ability to bring success to others. We can support others to be if bigger impact we are, and there is NO PAY CAP for our partners. Everyone earns what they are worth, meaning they can make more money than ourself.

This is how teamwork should be in ALL business. With this business, we also:

💎Can live anywhere in the world with WiFi, and be able to make impact.
💎Our products our scientifically proven to do things no other products do, so we work with high demand goods.
💎We offer 60 day money back guarantee on our products so you are never putting your network at risk.
💎Our partners are booming. Purium has doubled in sales volume this year and The Holistic Justice League has 10x’ed. Our systems are proven to work and we have them to offer other success oriented individuals.

In terms of business. All the boxes are checked. The only risk here is on you. Are you strong enough for this opportunity presented before you?To make a stand for this reality and serve in a very high manner that demands that you grow as a person. And as you are on this journey, are you capable enough to inspire others to come along with you?

If you are reading this wondering if you have what it takes, remember that we all have infinite potential on the plane of existence. We have the systems to support your growth. Most everything else is a choice by you to be great, and a willingness to journey through the build of one’s self and this business.

And the best part is that we are just getting started!! Our community is growing exponentially and our systems and support daily makes us so special with accountability. We never feel alone! And yourself and others you may know or get to know in the future have been waiting for this.

➡️➡️ If this is sounding like a “yes” for you, then there is plenty of room at the table for you and we anticipate your transformation! We are all worth the level of abundance our minds can harmonize with. And we have great visions for you.😍

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