States of Matter - Am I a solid, liquid, or gas?
Part 1- A review of solids, liquids, and gases
The __________ theory of matter states that objects are always and motion and that they are moving randomly. *
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A _______________ vibrates in place, has low energy, and the particles are close together. *
A ______________ has a little more space between the particles than a solid does. Because of this extra space, the molecules are able to slide past each other. These particles have "medium" energy compared to the other states of matter. *
______________ molecules have the most energy of the 3 states of matter. The molecules are moving so fast that they bounce off each other when they come together! *
_______________ is considered the 4th state of matter. It is a gas that is made up of positive and negative charges. *
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_____________ take the shape of their container (indefinite shape) and have an indefinite volume. *
___________ have a definite shape, that means they DO NOT take the shape of their container. They also have a definite (doesn't change) volume. *
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____________ have a indefinite (changes) shape, this means that they take the shape of their container. However, they have a definite (doesn't change) volume. That means if you have 20 mL in a beaker, you still have 20 mL if you move the substance to a graduated cylinder. *
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