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By filling out this form you are declaring that you accept and believe in the majority of the beliefs, articles and concepts that you have heard and/or read, of “Undefinable and Expansive”. While not YET an actual legalized and registered “religious organization” you are officially agreeing that it is one you would greatly consider joining, if it was.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we welcome you to the community. All information in this form is necessary and kept completely private. However you will be subscribing to our email list to update you on our progress (currently annually).

Read the articles of "Undefinable and Expansive" and continue with this form here: http://bit.ly/UndefinableandExpansive

While your consideration is appreciated, this form does not suggest the need for a response. There are additional forms to request Rev. Devan for an interview, teaching arrangements, prayer or healing services, discounts on courses, propose a new program or to perform a wedding. Please read the list on the contact page at: http://bit.ly/OaCRContact

"It is wonderful to join together in one-mind and purpose and feel the joy of our sonship. " ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

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