LES Design Survey
This survey associated with http://loyc.net/2016/lesv3-and-wasm.html.
If you want to ask me anything, write to qwertie256@gmail.com or comment on the page above.
Newlines: should they terminate "statements", i.e. expressions inside braced blocks? (LES & Wasm don't have "statements" as a formal concept)
Do you prefer that "keyword-expressions" begin with an explicit marker as in `.if (x || y) && z {}`, or do you like the implicit design used in LESv2, as in `if (x || y) && z {}`?
Do you think the added value of juxtaposition-expressions like `sqrt x` is worth the cost (they make parsing more complex and confusingly don't always work, e.g. `sqrt -x` is a subtraction)?
If the names of Wasm keywords like `i32.trunc_s/f64` must be changed to make them into ordinary identifiers, what name should they have instead?
How important is it to be able to write non-English identifiers like thíŝ without escaping them like `thíŝ`?
Should keyword-expressions support comma-separated arguments despite the ambiguity?
Labels: should we accept the extra rule(s) required to support colon-terminated `labels:`?
Should the hash sign `#` be treated as a normal identifier character (like `_` is)?
Continuator clauses: besides `if`, `elsif`, `elseif`, `catch` and `finally`, what words should be included in the set of "continuators"?
Which notation is better for longs and floats?
In WebAssembly, what infix operators should represent `set_local` (which does not return the assigned value) and `tee_local` (which returns its value to be used in a larger expression, as in C)
Which digit separator is more attractive?
Nested comments?
Attributes: what does `@Foo(x) (y)` mean?
Imagine that LES becomes an important standard used for many purposes, like XML. What's more important in such a standard?
Aside from the question of newline-vs-semicolon, How evil are whitespace-sensitive parsing rules?
Overall, does LESv3 seem like an improvement over LESv2?
Do you have any other comments?
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