Winter Days Shirt Order Form
DIRECTIONS: Fill out this form. Bring your payment (cash or check made payable to Spring Valley High School) with your name and size/number of shirts you ordered to Student Activities NO LATER THAN Friday, December 2nd to order your shirt. You will be notified as soon as your shirt arrives. THANK YOU!
Shirts - $18 each!!
This year our shirts are maroon, comfort colors, long sleeve, and have a pocket!
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I understand that I am pre-ordering my shirt, and must pay no later than FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND. *
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Please indicate what size shirt you want. You may choose more than one size. Unless you indicate otherwise, it will be assumed you want one shirt of each size you check.

If you would like to order multiple shirts OF THE SAME SIZE, please put detailed information (size and number of each size) in the "other" section.


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