Tiger Tour Guide Application
You must complete this online application first. After it is completed, the office will send you a signature page that must be completed in order to be considered as a tour guide.
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In ONE sentence, answer the following question: Why would you be a good tour guide? *
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What is ONE thing you think should be included on the tour that isn't? (To answer this question, think about your tour and something you didn't get to see UNTIL you became a student here.) *
To qualify as a tour guide, you will need the permission (signature) of your 3rd, 4th and 5th period teachers. You will be expected to make up all of the work that you miss(ed). Understand that if the work or test would be difficult to make up, the teacher may not give you permission to be a tour guide.

You MUST be ELIGIBLE in order to be a tour guide. Keep in mind that grades and eligibility can fluctuate dependent on when teachers input their grades. So.....make sure to keep your work current!

If chosen as a tour guide YOU MUST attend a training/information session after school the week before tours begin. Tour guide trainings will occur the week PRIOR TO YOUR TOURING WEEK. You must make arrangements to either be picked up or ride the 3:52 bus home. If selected you will receive a training time and it will be expected that you show up that day.

Tour guide information will appear on Munoz's office window.

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