South Staffordshire and District Beekeepers Association Questionnaire 2019
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your answers will help improve what we do in 2020.
Describe your level of experience
Do you attend the Thursday night education programme?
If Yes, do we meet your training needs?
If No, what was the reason?
Your answer
What changes could we make to the programme in 2020 that would encourage you to attend or would improve the experience?
Your answer
Are you aware of the study group support by the SS&DBKA?
Are you aware of the assessments offered by the association?
Have you used the quartermaster service?
If you were to use the service in 2020, what would you purchase?
Varroa Treatment
Wax Foundation
Would you consider joining a working party at the apiary to help maintain beekeeping equipment and the site grounds?
Would you consider joining the apiary support group to assist with the weekly hive inspections?
Do you attend the winter lectures?
If Yes, did the winter lectures meet your expectations?
What speakers or subjects would you like to see in 2020?
Your answer
Do the club meetings, association website, Facebook page, Newsletter, and emails keep you fully informed?
If No, how can we improve what we communicate?
Your answer
How could we improve on the refreshments provided in 2020?
Your answer
Do you have any suggestions or ideas that would help us improve our services to our members?
Your answer
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