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Mentors of Minorities in Education Inc. is a place for all children to learn and grow. Our mission is to “nurture the genius” of children, and create a transformative educational experience.

1. ENROLLMENT: Enrollment is limited. Our hope is to have enough room for all children wishing to participate in our After school Program. Upon receipt of your application, program staff will contact you to confirm enrollment and discuss next steps.

2. DISMISSAL: Program ends promptly at 6:00 pm each day. A grace period of 5 minutes is given to accommodate parents. If you arrive after 6:05 pm, a late fee will be assessed.

3. DISCIPLINE: Participation in this program is a privilege. All children must follow program rules, disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards other students or staff is reason for dismissal. We encourage you to discuss any concerns about your child’s behavior with M.O.M.I.E’s program staff.

4. PARENTAL SUPPORT: Our staff is committed and qualified. Your help is needed to make the program the very best it can be. You are important partners in our program’s success, and we look forward to your help with events and activities, tutoring, parent workshops, and other projects. Please let us know how you would like to be involved.

I have read and understand the above information and would like for my child to participate in this program. *
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