MiniMUN XI will be Saturday, January 27 from 12 to 6 pm in the Business Building.
Here are the committees running:

Berlin Divided 1960 JCC
The Cold War casts a wide shadow over popular memory of 20th century international politics, for good reason. The conflict between East and West permeated relations at a global scale, as the United States and United Soviet Socialist Republics clashed in proxy wars, raced to nuclear supremacy, and grappled for the ideological support of entire states. These grand maneuverings and high global politics gathered at an epicenter in Berlin, a city divided long before the infamous wall rose. Yet, the city lived on, and its government quietly worked to maintain public services in the shadow of giants. In this committee, delegates must maintain order and combat the encroachment of their rivals – governing a divided Berlin in 1960.

Star Wars: Flames of Endor
The Emperor is dead. The Second Death Star has been destroyed. And the Empire is shattered. A new age dawns upon the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance scrambles to form a New Republic and bring peace back to the Galaxy. However, the dark specter of a resurgent Empire remains, threatening to overturn everything the Rebels have built. Will the New Republic truly save the galaxy from turmoil? Or will it fall to the heavy boot of tyranny once more?

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