2019 MCTM Excellence in Teaching Awards Nomination Form
The Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a public voice of mathematics education, inspiring vision, providing leadership, offering professional development, and supporting equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all students. Our organization is committed to honoring individuals who exemplify excellence in mathematics education. We invite you to nominate the very best mathematics teachers and leaders to be recognized as a potential recipient of the MCTM Excellence in Teaching Awards.
Nomination Criteria
MCTM will be honoring individuals and/or co-teaching pairs in a variety of categories. All candidates must be employed in a Maryland school/district/institution and be current members of MCTM. All candidates must exemplify excellence in mathematics education by implementing research-informed practices in their daily work. The criteria for each category is listed below:

Beginning Mathematics Teacher (Has taught mathematics no more than 2 years)
Elementary Teacher (P-5) (Has been teaching elementary mathematics for at least three years)
Middle School Mathematics Teacher (6-8)* (Has been teaching middle school mathematics for at least three years)
High School Mathematics Teacher (9-12) (Has been teaching high school mathematics for at least three years)
College Educator (Has been teaching college-level mathematics and/or mathematics education)
Mathematics Leader (Has served as a mathematics coaches, district/school leader, and/or individual that provides ongoing support to educators to support professional growth for at least three years)

*Sixth grade teachers in a K-8 school will be considered Middle School Mathematics unless they teach all subjects.

Nomination Procedures
Anyone may submit an initial nomination. To submit a nomination, please complete the following form no later than February 1st:

The MCTM awards chair will contact all nominees by February 3rd to inform them that they have been nominated and to provide them with the essay prompts. Nominees that choose to accept the nomination must confirm their eligibility and submit their essay responses and two letters of reference (one from a supervisor and one from an individual familiar with his/her professional work) electronically to mctmawards@gmail.com no later than March 1st. Nominees will be notified if they are a second round finalist by the end of March. Nominees selected as a second round finalist must submit a video of their practice electronically by May 1st.

All nominations will be reviewed by a panel of educators in the Spring. Awardees will be announced and celebrated at our annual MCTM Outstanding Educator Awards Banquet and Annual meeting in the fall. If a candidate is not selected, the nominator may submit a nomination again the following year.

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