One Kin Roof Interest Survey for Potential Neurotypical Future Renters or Homeowners
This information will help One Kin Roof create a multi-family housing development designed for people with and without disabilities. This interest survey is not an official waitlist or application. It is a survey to gather information about our community preferences on housing models, amenities, and desired level of connecting with residents who have special needs. This survey is for neurotypical residents who desire to rent or buy a home at One Kin Roof. We have another survey for potential residents who have disabilities which can be found here:
Check all of the boxes that describe you:
In what county do you currently live?
What living arrangements do you prefer or would consider:
What type of home type would you consider:
The maximum I could afford to pay rent and utilities each month is:
The maximum I could afford to purchase a home or apartment:
What features of your home are important:
Not important at all
Very Important
Kitchen with lots of counter space and storage
Energy-efficient home and appliances
Lots of natural light, large windows
Front porch
Back patio
Walk-in closets
Laundry room (as opposed to using community laundry room)
Fenced back yard (as opposed to no fencing)
Garage (as opposed to common covered parking area)
What features of your neighborhood are important:
Not important at all
Very Important
Children's Playground
Dog park
Bike or walking trail
Outdoor BBQ & Kitchen with pavilion
Community garden
Big-screen theatre room
Community building and indoor common space
Fitness room or gym
Art or woodworking workshop
A coffee shop or lounge
Please rank the following in terms of importance to you for your future neighborhood:
Not Important
Extremely Important
Safety of neighborhood
Access to public transportation
Employment opportunities that assist people with disabilities
Recreation & social activities
Having relationships with my neighbors
Sharing childcare or other errands
A culture of helping each other, interdependence
Opportunity for college credit
How did you hear about this survey? (choose all that applies)
Ways I would like to support my neurodiverse neighbors:
How many hours per month would I be able and interested to volunteer my time and talents?
Why do you want to live in a neighborhood like One Kin Roof?
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Do you have any additional comments or suggestions you would like to make?
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