Getting a Pooch?
IMPORTANT: Please understand that owning a dog is a responsibility and commitment for the dog’s entire life, and a decision that should not be taken lightly. Deciding against keeping the puppy once bought will cause trauma not only to the puppy but to you and your family, as well as to me, the rescuers, shelter, foster and the also family who may eventually adopt the puppy.
Please fill this form when you have good time and not in a hurry. Do think carefully before you answer. Please answer as truthfully as you can & choose the closest option to your answer.
Multiple adult people from the household filling the form separately is advisable.
What are the main reasons that you are choosing to get a dog? *
What is your experience in owning a dog? *
How busy is your household? *
Do you currently have kids under the age of 7? Are you planning to have children in the next couple of years? *
Who will be the main carer of the dog? *
Where do you envisage your dog spending most of its time including sleeping? *
What size dog would you like? *
How much time can you spend exercising your dog (including walking, running & playing)? *
How often will there be someone at home with the dog? *
Are there any other pets in the house? *
What type of coat would you like your dog to have? *
How trainable would you like your dog to be? *
How much time will you be able to invest in training your dog? *
How protective do you want your new dog to be? *
How much maintenance and grooming are you able to provide for your dog? *
How would you describe your ideal dog and his/her relationship with you? *
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