Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio (ACAS) Summer Camp 2019
We offer a series of enrichment camps throughout the year that offers parents a safe and reaffirming place for their child(ren) while they’re at work or take a break; and where positive socialization happens for their children in an affirming way through play, creative expression, hands-on experiences and critical thinking exercises using culturally sensitive and practical everyday materials that expand reading and calculation skills. Our staff members are professionals in the field of education and/or the performing arts. Our activities and classes are grounded in African and African-American culturally relevant values, and encourage collaboration to provide a well-structured, orderly environment. We capitalize on children’s growth and development and have tons of fun in the process.
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Summer Camp Dates: June 17th to August 9th (8 weeks)
Summer Camp Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Before and After Care Hours: 7:00 – 8:30 am and 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Summer Camp Fees:

Camp Fees: $1000.00 for the entire summer (only $125 a week)

Weekly Fee: (if not registering for the entire summer) $175 per week

Registration fee (new family’s only)- $25

Late Registration Fee After April 30th: – $25

Add. sibling discount: $50 off each add. child for full summer and $15 off each additional child when enrolling by week

Field Trip Fee – $200 for summer per child or $30 per child per week

Before & After care available – $50 per child for before or after care for the week or $80 per week for both

Payments can be made by Credit Card, Cash, Money Order, or checks made payable to The Adinkra Group

Registration is not complete until payment is made.
Campers and Jenga - A Game of Concentration
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We require a $25 registration fee for new families.
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Other than the parents, please list one or two contacts in case of an emergency. Please include name, phone number, email and relationship to child.
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Based on the various costs listed in the camp details, please list which items you're including and your total for the summer here. Remember registration is not complete until a payment is made. You can go back to the camp page on the website {} to click the link to make a payment or call 240.490.2227 or email to schedule a day and time to come drop off a payment at our camp location - 3804 34th Street - Mt. Rainier, MD 20712.
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