AGRIthon – Disruptive Innovation for Smallholder Farmers

On April 28-30 2015, Israel will be hosting the 19th annual Agritech Israel (, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies. This conference brings together thousands of leading agricultural players from around the world.

At this conference we will be running an exciting side event, the worlds first AGRIthon, a 2-day intensive ideation jam and venture creation workshop, to develop innovative solutions for smallholder farmers.

By bringing together entrepreneurs, Israeli companies, and experts working with smallholder farmers from around the world, we will work to identify new markets for existing or new technologies. We will develop relevant business models and devise actionable plans to pilot these new initiatives on the ground in the target markets.

The end goal is to have a set of clearly identified customer needs matched with clearly defined products and a profitable business model that can be rapidly tested in-market.

The event is designed to introduce Israeli companies and technological solutions to foreign companies, distributors and policy makers from developing countries. Our goal is to expose Israel as a potential source of solutions for smallholder farmers around the world.

If you work with smallholder farmers or along the smallholder farmer value chain, please feel free to submit challenges that your would like to be addressed at the AGRIthon though this form.

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    Call for Agrithon Challenge Submissions

    Please use this form to submit challenges relating to smallholder farmers (see examples below).
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    Examples of Potential Challenges

    Agribusiness Owner: Help me secure a steady supply chain given that I source from over 10 000 farmers? Grocery Chain Owner: How do I ensure food arriving in my store is still fresh on delivery? AgriTech company: How do I supply equipment to increase yield at a price that farmers can aford and with the necessary training? Institutional buyers: How can I connect to and source goods and services from a base of reliable pre-screened vendors.

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