Apply to work with me 1:1
The fact you are here tells me a few things:
- You're ready to put yourself first and say YES to your dream life
- You're ready to make that dream your reality and live your purpose
- You're ready to let go of anything holding you back, upgrade your mindset and dive deep into your growth

I need to learn a few more things about you to determine the support you need on your journey.

PLEASE NOTE: This application helps me understand whether you're a good fit for my 1:1 programme. Coaching is a powerful, transformative experience and I only work with women who I know I can support through that process. Please answer these questions as thoroughly and honestly as you can. You can expect 100% confidentiality and privacy from me, so please go as in depth as possible.
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1. This application is for me to interview you, so I can feel into whether we're a perfect fit to work together. This is why I work with a small, intimate number of women 1:1, so I can show up and give them my all! 2. I only work with women who are ready to step into their power, deep dive into their growth and do the work. 3. If I believe we can work together, you'll receive an email from me with a link to book your Discovery Call. *
Tell me more about yourself and your life right now *
Have you done any other coaching, mindset and/or personal development work before? Please list all below *
What are your big goals and dreams? What are you wanting to create in your life right now? *
What's the biggest thing(s) holding you back from making these goals and dreams a reality? What's getting in the way? *
In 6 months time, where do you wanna be? *
Now imagine it's 6 months from now and you've created all of the above. What does that reality look like? How do you feel about achieving all of this? *
What needs to happen, internally and externally, for you to create that next level? *
Why is now the time to seriously consider coaching with me? *
What makes you feel I'm a good fit to be your coach? * *
Is there anything else you feel called to share? *
Last but not least. Coaching is a powerful investment in yourself, your growth and the next level of your life. My signature 3-month programme is £1495 (payment plans are available) With that in mind, what feels most true for you right now? *
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