WnCC Summer of Code - Master Form
Hola! The fact that you're reading this implies that we really like your work and would love it if you could be a part of a community building process we wish to initiate this year!
Just a few steps before you will have a really enthusiastic set of people to work with :)
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Email ID
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Which is your favourite food item?
This is probably the most important question here. The faster you fill the form, the more treats are coming. Also, answering DONUTS here is strictly prohibited and you might end up getting food you hate if you do so.
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What sort of mentorship would you like to provide?
How many people would you like to mentor at a time?
We are thinking of keeping a ratio of 5 people per mentor. What do you think?
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What are some topics you would love to have discussions on?
These discussions would be open to all enthusiasts part of some group, not just your own group.
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What are your achievements / projects in the fields you have mentioned above?
If you could give links to projects it would be great!
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What would be your availability this summer?
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Some project ideas that you would like to mentor in-semester / during the summers?
Typically we want your dead / half completed /new ideas coming out here. This is a great way to see your ideas becoming a reality and the mentees learning in the process. Also, don't put any idea with a deadline here. "Hobby projects" are what we are looking for.
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