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Please use the form below to specify details and requirements relevant to your space in order to host Girl Develop It courses/classes/workshops/sessions.

An Event Organizer will reach out to you once the form is complete to coordinate an event on our calendar that accommodates your preferences. Should you have questions pertaining to use of space, please contact

Thank you for your supporting Girl Develop It's mission by providing our organization with space to host events, workshops, and courses. We truly appreciate your help!

Additional Reference: Girl Develop It Code of Conduct

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Anything else you feel would be important for GDI Chapter Leaders to be aware of before scheduling an event at your location?
For example: is the space ADA accessible, are there instructions to use a keypad for entry, does the building require a list of attendee names 24 hours in advance, should attendees bring their ID for building security to enter, is a fire director required for a certain number of attendees, is childcare offered in the building, do freight elevator instructions need to be communicated for catering orders, would you like 5 minutes to address attendees before the event, so on
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