Scientific Notation and Significant Figures Video Quiz
This quiz is based on this video:

Please watch the video first and then take the quiz. Be sure to complete the info at the bottom (last name, first name, period, and email) so I can give you a grade.

How many significant figures does 5.42 have?
How many significant figures in 7.100?
(2:50) When rounding, how do you know how many significant figures you get?
video example: 2.0 and 8.330 How did he decide how many significant figures to round to?
When divide numbers, what do you do with the exponents?
Why isn't 0.24 x 10⁴ not the answer?
Remember, the rules for addition and subtraction with signifcant figures are somewhat different.
When adding, how do you determine how many significant figures to write?
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