Family and Community Literacy Survey
Please answer all questions that apply.
1. In a typical week, how often does someone (outside of daycare or school) read with your babies, toddlers, or preschoolers for 15 minutes or more?
2. In a typical week, how often does someone (outside of daycare or school) read with your school-aged children (kindergarten through fifth grade) for 15 minutes or more?
3. In a typical week, how many minutes does your middle or high school child(ren) read for pleasure (outside of school)?
4. Who reads with your children (outside of daycare or school) on a regular basis? Check all that apply.
5. How often do people do the following things when reading with your children (outside of daycare/school)?
Ask questions about what is being read
Point out letters or words
Point to things in the pictures/ask child to point
Ask the child for help with reading or filling in words
Talk about what happened in the story
Complete an activity based on the book
6. About how many books and/or magazines that your children enjoy are in your home right now?
7. What types of things do you have in your home for children to read or use for writing? Check all that apply.
8. Which of the following activities do you or someone else (outside of daycare/school) do with your children? Check all that apply.
9. If you have one or more children who struggle with reading, where have you found help for them that you feel is working? Check all that apply.
10. Do you or another person who is responsible for your children need help with reading, writing, or speaking English in order to meet personal needs and/or the children's needs? Check all that apply.
Reading English
Writing English
Speaking English
Yes, need help.
Would be interested in taking a class in this.
No, don't need help
11. In the past year, have you participated in any groups, classes, or workshops related to literacy?
12. How often do you communicate with other agencies/organizations/businesses to discuss literacy concerns within the community.
13. Would you be interested in supporting children, teachers, and schools in assisting with literacy needs in our community (e.g. tutoring, mentoring).
14. Are you aware of out-of-school agencies and organizations which support literacy within the community.
15. What would you like to see in our community that would help children learn to read, help families that have problems with reading, or prevent problems with reading from happening?
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