Admissions Application - Academy of Health, Inc.
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Program

Please review our School Catalogue. Completing this application implies agreement with the policies and procedures outlined in the catalogue and any revisions of the catalogue.

In addition to this form, you will need to:
1) Submit a copy of your high school or GED transcript or diploma
2) Make your $100 application fee payment (which will be applied to your tuition, if accepted)
3) Schedule an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Montoya - call or text 414-793-4828

Once all steps are completed, you will be notified in writing of our admissions decision.

Select a start date and location of interest
Full Name
Date of Birth
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Are you a Wisconsin resident?
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Do you have an high school diploma or GED?
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List any college or other education, including school name(s), dates attended and any degree(s) earned.
Are you physically capable of performing massage therapy?
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Are you able to understand, read, write and speak English?
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Why do you want to become a massage therapist?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?
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If answered yes above, please explain.
I certify that the information I have provided on this application is complete, accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information on this application may result in a reversal of the admission decision or expulsion from the program. Any financial obligation that I have incurred will be my responsibility to pay in full. I have reviewed the policies and procedures in the school catalogue, and I agree to abide by the content outlined in the catalogue. Please type your full name in the box below as your digital signature. *
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