'Luther' Movie Viewing Guide
If you're choosing to watch the move 'Luther' as part of your Confirmation requirements in the Lutheranism 101 track, fill in the answers to the questions below as you watch and submit.
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What is Luther afraid of at the beginning of the movie?
What profession did Luther’s father want him to study?
What do the people do after they pay for their indulgence?
What city is Luther upset about?
What does Luther have for his first meal in Wittenberg?
What do the townspeople have to do when a new priest arrives?
What Catholic tradition does Luther break when the boy dies?
Who did Luther buy an indulgence for?
How do the priests convince the people to buy indulgences?
What do they tell the people the indulgence money is for?
Who did Luther dedicate his Ninety-Five Theses to when they were printed?
What is Luther expected to do when he meets the Cardinal?
When Luther refuses to recant, what does his friend do?
What do the church officials convince the people to do with Luther’s writings?
What does Luther say is the only thing that can prove his writings wrong?
How did the people react to Luther’s statement to the clergy?
How do the clergy feel about the impact Luther is having on people?
What happens as Luther is being taken back?
How do the people react to what happened to Luther?
Why was Luther accused of treason?
What is Luther trying to do while he is being held captive?
What did Luther say that the language of the Bible should be like?
What did Luther overhear the noblemen talking about?
Why was Luther mad at the people when he returned?
What was inside the building the child warned Luther about going into?
What is an estimated number of the dead? Who were the dead? What does Luther compare their death to?
What does Luther find inside the church that is significant to him?
Who approaches Luther inside the church? Where did they come from and what was their story?
What does Luther present to the Prince? What does the Prince say that the gift will do? How does Luther react to what he says?
Where did Luther’s friend want to go and why?
What did the woman who loved Luther request of him?
What happened to Luther’s friend?
Explain the significance of the scene in the woods.
What did the Princes say they would do about the Ministers and the New Bible?
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