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Do you support or oppose the increase in the state income tax that was passed last year in Illinois?d Question
Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to take the process of drawing legislative district maps out of the hands of elected representatives to make the state’s redistricting process independent and non-partisan?
Do you think more should be done to encourage tourism in Illinois?
Do you think the state of Illinois is doing enough to create and support jobs?
Do you support or oppose term limits on state legislators?
Are you concerned about access to the type of healthcare you require?
Do you believe the Second Amendment should not be restricted in any way, meaning qualified individuals could have access to any type of weapon, including bumpstocks? A bumpstock is a device attached to semi-automatic weapons in order to increase the rate of fire so they operate much like fully-automatic weapons.
The country is in the midst of what has come to be known as an “opioid epidemic.” Results from the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that an estimated11.5 million people had misused opioid pain relievers.Have you or a loved one been personally impacted by the dangers of opioids?
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