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We need YOUR help developing a new docu-series about multicultural Americans. Please fill out what you are comfortable answering. If you have any questions, please email Alexis at

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When did you move to America?
Why did you move to America?
Did you live in any other countries besides America and the country you were born in?
Do you consider yourself a hyphenated demographic? (i.e. Filipino-Amercian)
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If yes, please write your preferred demonym. (i.e. Nigerian-American)
Are you officially a citizen of both the country you listed as well as the United States?
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Have you ever been called "not American"?
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If yes, how did that make you feel?
Do you feel like you have to maintain two or more "identities" because of your background?
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If yes, how does it make you feel? Are some times easier than others when maintaining multiple identities?
Do you find it difficult to uphold traditions you learned as a child?
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How important is it to you to maintain traditions you were taught before you moved to America? 1 being Not Important to 5 being Extremely Important.
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Have you ever felt ashamed of where you came from because of the way other people view your culture?
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If yes, why?
What is something you would like people to know or understand about your heritage?
What are some stereotypes about your heritage that are true?
What are some stereotypes about your heritage that are false?
Do you think people would understand you better if they saw where you came from? If you could bring your co-worker, spouse, or best friend with you to your hometown tomorrow, would it change the way they saw you, help build a better connection and/or understanding?
What would you show them, and why?
Have you found that you "fuse" your American culture and your other cultural heritage? This could be in the sense of food, fashion, beauty, anything!
Please write down anything else you would like to add.
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