2018 ACPE Sponsorship Application
Sold out! We sold our last spot for 2018 on July 31, 2017. If you want to be on the waiting list, please fill out this form and you will be contacted by 12/1/17 regarding any possible openings.

Greetings potential ACPE Sponsors. ACPE is a very different type of professional organization and is unique in many ways. Sponsorship is among those. Our sponsorships are good for one year, November 1 to October 31.

Each sponsorship includes exposure and attendance at our annual conference. See our sponsor guide for more information at this URL http://sponsors.acpenw.org.

This form is the first step in becoming an ACPE sponsor for one year. Once we have your information, the person named in the form as responsible for payment will receive an invoice. At that point you would have 30 days to make a non-refundable down payment to hold the spot. Your final payment is not due until February 1, 2018.

Any priorities, such as booth selection, selection to be included in our program as a presenter, etc are only applied to those who have paid in full.

Finally, the ACPE Board is informing all prospective sponsors ahead of time that ACPE will be increasing the cost to sponsor in 2019. ACPE hasn't changed any of our revenue models for over 7 years and we need to address our increasing costs before they become a larger problem. The amount of increase is still being determined. Thanks for your understanding when this happens for 2019 ACPE sponsorships.

The Fine Print
Before you fill out this form, you are expected to read the information about sponsor levels and benefits here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org. This is the "documents", actually a website, we consider our contract for your sponsorship including the sponsorship benefits. We have written contract.

2017 Conference Theme, Dates and Location
Theme: TBA (It'll be some kind of pirate theme)
Dates: May 2-4, 2018
Location: The Resort at the Mountain, Welches, OR

We will sell out quickly! We expect to be sold out by the end of August 2017.

Payment Terms for any Sponsorship Level
PAYMENT TERMS: When the Board approves your sponsorship, the person named as the person who will make payments will receive an invoice for two items.

First, a NON REFUNDABLE down payment, and second, the balance due. The NON REFUNDABLE down payment is due on receipt. If not paid within 30 days, your sponsorship will be cancelled and opened to others waiting.

The remaining balance is due no later than February 1 of the conference year. If not paid on time, your sponsorship may be cancelled and opened to others on the waiting list.

Agree to Payment Terms *
Our Sponsor Guide has the complete list of benefits, timelines and logistics.
Current terms, benefits and logistics for each sponsorship level as well as the annual conference are posted and regularly updated here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org.

The ACPE Board reserves the right to review and change these terms until March 1 of each sponsorship year. Invoice amounts and payment terms not included.

Agree to benefits, timelines and logistics detailed on the website. *
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Contact Details
To be properly invoiced and receive timely information, please be sure to provide accurate billing and logistics contact information below. These are the only people who will be contacted regarding your sponsorship.
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PAYMENTS: Name of the person making payments *
An invoice will be sent after June 1 to the person named email address submitted. They are responsible for all payments meeting all timelines.
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Email Address of the person making all payments. *
The invoice will be sent to this email address for payment. We can only invoice one company and one person.
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LOGISTICS: Name of the person who will be taking care of the logistics information for the conference. *
This is the ONE person will receive updates and sponsorship logistics and is expected to forward information to others on your team as appropriate.
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Email address of the person who takes care of logistics. *
We will send logistics information to only one person. It's that person's responsibility to forward the information to others on the team as appropriate.
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Other information at this point
All basic logistics go out in group emails that start on December 1and continue until the conference. December 1 is the date when the sponsors who have signed up at that point can submit a session proposal. SponsorBooth selection does not happen until March 1. If you have any specific question after reading our sponsorship guide contact jb@acpenw.org.
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