Dear Parent/Caregiver(s): Please help make our program the best it can be by completing this survey. Please return this survey to the Site Supervisor. Thank you.
Please check the box that best describes your opinion on the contribution of the After School Program.
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I feel that the program helped my child to complete his/her homework
My child improved his/her behavior at school
My child improved his/her willingness to ask for help
My child has more confidence about learning
My child has better relationships with teachers
My child feels more of a sense of belonging at school
My child feels better about himself/herself
My child is doing better in school
My child is getting along better with other kids
The program helped me to become more informed about what’s going on at my child’s school.
I am more informed about my child’s progress at school
I feel more involved in my child’s school
I feel more comfortable communicating with school staff
I feel I communicate better with my child
I am satisfied with the After School Program
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Please briefly share your ideas regarding the program’s strengths and areas for improvement.
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