Introduction to K-Pop [Registration]
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At K-Academy, we don't just teach you how to dance - we teach you how to perform.

Founded by 2 passionate K-Pop dancers, we believe that K-dance is not just about choreography. It's about how you carry yourself on stage, your expressions, your charisma - the whole package. This might be seem scary for first-time dancers, but don't worry - this class is designed specially for new dancers! Catering to dancers with 0 to less than 2 years of dance experience, we will teach you how to perform K-Pop, starting from the basics such as posing and walking, to more intricate choreography - all within the span of 3 months!

We're now opening up our intake for our November batch of students, so do fill in the form below to indicate your interest. Our team will be in contact with you shortly with more information :).

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