Charles (Reb) Gregg Wilderness Risk Management Award
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The deadline for nominations was August 11, 2017.

The Charles (Reb) Gregg Wilderness Risk Management Award is presented annually at the WRMC. The award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in risk management to the outdoor education and adventure profession.

About the Award's namesake, Charles (Reb) Gregg:

Reb Gregg is a Houston, Texas attorney specializing in outdoor adventure and education law. He is on the the Board of the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network and on the Risk Management Committee of Outward Bound International. Reb serves as legal counsel to the Association for Challenge Course Technology and to a number of adventure programs including summer camps, college and secondary school outdoor programs, and challenge course and zip line operators and builders.

“Reb has truly been the pioneer in the practice of law as it relates to outdoor education and recreation,” said John Gans, the executive director of NOLS. “His leadership and uncanny ability to balance legal necessities and ethical obligation have made him the role model for the industry. The Charles (Reb) Gregg Award is an appropriate way of honoring Reb’s professional legacy.”

Reb has been instrumental in the development of the WRMC. He has presented at nearly every conference and served on the WRMC Steering Committee for many years.

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