Loro's Pilot program participation application
This application is designed to collect end user’s information that are required for the pilot program and product development. We will request for some of end user’s basic information such as Name, Email, Phone, Medical condition, Wheelchair information, organization association, basic medical expense funding options.
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Wheelchair and assistive devices
Basic wheelchair information and mobile or tablet device used
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Do you use any of the ability switches like *
Ability switch if other please specify
Where is the wheelchair most likely be used?
About users, caretakers and finance options
This will help us reach the right service provider and stake holders to improve our product services
If you have a caregiver how many hours in a day will you need their help? *
What activity do you expect your caregiver to help you with the most? *
How much is your investment towards your medical devices and services per month? *
Do you use financial aid for your medical expenses from.. *
Financial aid if you other specify
Where do you prefer to buy any of your assistive devices? *
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