~ harvest retreat ~ sign up form 🌈
Welcome to our sign up form for the upcoming harvest retreat from 19/9 - 22/9/2024 at Arruda ~ we look so forward to get to know you a little bit already, and even more to welcome you in September!

Please answer the following questions sincerely so we can get a sense of you:
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What is your name?
Please describe yourself in a few words (this can include gender identity and pronouns, your relationship to queerness, spirituality or or whatever you feel like sharing with us right now)
Why would you like to join the ~harvest~ retreat? *
Do you understand and respect the importance for respectfull queer spaces, where you will try your best to use the right pronouns and accept people for their quirks, their religion, whatsoever?
The Seminar House (Arruda) is requiring anti-racist behavior from all guests, so please read their Anti-racist statement here and let us know if you agree.

This is also relevant in terms of cultural appropriation - please let us know if you have any doubts in this regard.
This is a space for any questions or notes you would like to leave for us in terms of your needs in group settings away from home. 

This is especially important to us if you are neurodivergent, physically disabled or mentally ill so we can provide a beautiful experience to you and the whole group :)
We are on holiday in January 2024 so we do not want to promise when we will get back to you but expect an answer by beginning of February with the payment details if we feel that we are a match :)

If you need to know it sooner due to holiday 2024 planning - please mention that and we will confirm your spot with you earlier!

Until then take care xo
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