It's Time to SPEAK: A Pipeline Program to Help Publish Young Women's Stories
It's Time to SPEAK is Women SPEAK's new pipeline program that is helping young women become published bloggers and writers on social issues. We want to train more women to share their stories and raise their voices on issues and topics they care about.

This is a program that will provide mentorship and publishing opportunities to young women through outlets such as MTV Founders, The FBomb, Girls' Globe, and more.

As part of It's Time to SPEAK, each writer is given:
(1) One-on-one feedback and mentorship on writing about social issues for blogging and online news platforms.
(2) Publishing opportunities through various media outlet sites.
(3) Recognition on Women SPEAK's social media.

Writers can submit blogs for a one-time opportunity, biweekly, or monthly.

Some blogs our members have published:
"Taking Up the Space I Deserve" by Kennedy Roberts on MTV Founders (

"Community, not competition: How Women SPEAK is fostering an environment for change" by Danielle Cooney on United State of Women (

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