Freaky Franchise Trivia!
Welcome to Freaky Franchise Trivia! We thought it would be fun to put together a little game for everyone.

RULES: The game is comprised of three sections: open-answer horror trivia, franchise math, and trivia about us. Fill in your answers and submit the form. We'll tally up the scores and send you the answers once you've submitted. The top scorers will get scream outs on an upcoming episode of Freaky Franchise!

There are 24 questions overall, worth 200 points in total (plus some opportunities for bonus points!). You can leave spaces blank if you want, but there's no harm in guessing if you aren't sure.

This is all on the honor system, so please don't use outside resources to answer the questions! That's no fun.

If you want to be considered for a Scream Out, please complete the game by June 21. You're welcome to play after that as well, but you won't get to hear your name on the show.


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