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Due to the loss of healthy cooking classes in our district, I would like to take some of the lessons for these needed skills and bring them into my classroom. Do you have any concerns with food prep and consumption regarding your student (allergies etc.)? If so, would you please specify how you would like me to adapt the lesson (i.e. student can prep but not eat the foods, student can watch, student should be removed from the classroom for a portion of the lesson etc.). *
Is there any health topics that might be of a concern or sensitivity with your high school student? (If you are comfortable sharing here, you can explain below. If not, feel free to contact me at any time regarding this question. I want all of my students to feel comfortable and safe with every topic and it is helpful to know if I need to keep an eye out for certain reactions during different subjects.) You can also write, 'prefer not to answer.' *
Sex Education is taught in 8th grade health and high school health courses. This is just an acknowledgement question regarding sex education in our district. There is also a slip coming home that needs to be signed to make you aware of the upcoming information. You can come in and talk to me about the unit at any time. Are you aware that topics regarding sexual education are taught in 8th grade health and high school health? Please check 'yes'. *
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