Sign up to be on the Permanent Absent Voter List
This sign-up form is for registered voters in Hadley Township only. If you decide to be placed on this list you will receive an application to vote absentee (from your home) for every election. This provides a couple of benefits to you.

1.) The absent voter ballot application will automatically arrive in your mailbox. You don't have to contact the Hadley Twp. offices to ask for it.
2.)The application provides you with a "heads up" that an election is coming.
3.) If you want to vote in person, you still can. Just don't fill out the application and show up in person on election day.

In order to receive an absent voter ballot for each election, you will always have to complete the application and return it to the clerk's office for every election. Being on this list saves you the trouble of asking for the application.
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