TSSMU Lecture Notes Application Form
Lecture Notes google drive folder is a note sharing platform created by Turkish Students' Society of McGill University to provide TSSMU members extra academic resources and materials. TSSMU believes sharing is caring!

You can access the lecture notes folder by filling this form and uploading your own lecture notes for a course.

TSSMU will review the uploaded notes. If the notes are satisfactory TSSMU will grant access to the applicant. If the uploaded notes are inadequate, the notes will not be used and will be deleted immediately.

Only upload lecture notes or reading summaries and do not include any past assignments/exams or their solutions.
Please avoid uploading courses that are already in the folder.

Contact the TSSMU Facebook page or turkish@ssmu.ca if you have any questions.


Email address *
List of courses in the Lecture Notes folder
ATOC 181, ATOC 185, BIOL 111, BIOL 112, BUSA 100, CHEM 110, CHEM 181, CHEM 183, COMP 202, COMP 250, COMS 210, ECON 209, ECON 227, ECON 313, GEOG 210, HIST 221, MATH 133, MATH 203, MATH 240, MATH 262, MRKT 438, MRKT 452, MUAR 211, PHYS 180, POLI 227, PSCY, 311, SOCI 254
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