Cash for your junior (2nd, 3rd, heloc) loan secured by residential or commercial real estate.
At Noted Note Buyers we pay cash for junior (second, third, fourth, HELOC) real estate loans secured by residential or commercial property nationwide. We are especially interested in loans in the US. Defaulted, bankrupt, we make cash offers as long as they remain secured.

We'd like to make you a cash offer to buy one or more of these that you hold. Our founder Sándor Lau is an experienced note buyer and has dealt with many scratch and dent loans before and is a specialist in nonperforming loans. We buy defaulted loans and loans where borrowers have done bankruptcy (if still secured by property). By cash, we mean wire transfer or cashier's check.

Please complete the information below to get the process started. In order to complete the transaction we will need full information including:

--Original note and allonge (or copy with lost note or allonge affidavit)
--Copy of recorded deed of trust and assignment to us
--Payment history showing when the note was last paid, when it was next due for, and what the current principal balance is

On the secondary market, loans always sell at a discount from face value and defaulted loans sell at larger discounts. In exchange for accepting a discount, you will receive spendable cash without the worry or risk of collecting payments from the borrower.

You can also call us at 541-632-6578 or email

To be clear we do not originate, issue, give, or offer loans. You CANNOT apply to us to borrow.

We buy the right to collect payment on existing loans. We can also make offers on other forms of payment streams such as judgements, lottery or gambling winnings, or other cashflows.
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