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Stephanie Ferretti
Powerhouse Gym Director
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Powerhouse Gym t&c's
Please read carefully.
All eating plans are tailored by the results submitted to the Powerhouse Gym.
The staff and management of Powerhouse Gym are not responsible for you not achieving your goal if you do not put in 100% commitment to all eating plans, and training programs.

- To confirm your commitment to this challenge, please proceed to our online store to complete your purchase.
- All Check In's are Online only.
- cCheck in is week 3, 6, 9 and final week is on a Saturday of starting your body transformation.
- Weight in, measurements and photos are to be completed and sent by email the night before your check in too.
- Further tailored eating/training program will be tailored only after submission of photos (front, side, back)
- Powerhouse Gym reserves the right to refuse to work with an applicant due to the applicant not checking in for the program for a consecutive 2 weeks and showing a insolent and uncooperative behaviour towards management/staff. This will result in immediate forfeit of their downpayment.
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