Western Dan Challenge Sign Up Form
For updates check the forum post here: https://forums.online-go.com/t/western-dan-challenge-kyu-player-prizes-too-update-1200-in-prizes-now/33086

Western Dan Movement

- Encourage players to play on western servers to support the western Go playing community.


What is your username? (Please list all usernames per server that you will play on.) Ex: OGS Clossius KGS Clossius or OGS/KGS/CGS Clossius *
What is your rank? *
What is the best way to contact you? Please provide multiple contact methods. (For discord please don't forget the #0000 after your name.) *
If you are eligible for the prize, what is the best form of payment? *
Are you going to stream games to try for the streamer award? *
If yes to the streamer, what is your stream name? (Please specify youtube or twitch)
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