PIT@Penn Fall 2022 Leadership Team Application
Hi, thanks for opening our application form! We are looking to recruit a few students for our leadership team. Our roles on the leadership team are flexible and overlapping, so even if you are placed in one role, there are plenty of opportunities to take on projects and initiatives relating to other roles! You can learn more about PIT@Penn at https://pennclubs.com/club/pitpenn.

Positions available include:
1) Project/Event Leads: will be in charge of various PIT@Penn initiatives and events such as organizing our speaker series and many more.
2) Outreach Officers: will handle professional development and outreach to other organizations for partnerships and collaborations, as well as communications with the SNF Paideia Program and other Penn-affiliated organizations.
3) Marketing/Communication Officers: will handle social outreach, publicity campaigns for upcoming events, and manage our newsletter and website.

This application is due at midnight on September 18th (although if it's a tad late we won't mind :))
Brief, casual interviews with each applicant will occur shortly after!
Please email us at pitatpenn@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.
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