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STEAM Saturday Timing and Age Groups
As an instructor you are able to select the age groups you'd like to instruct as well as the time(s) you'd like to teach your class. You can choose to teach older students during Block I and younger students during Block II or vice-versa, or you can choose to teach the same age group during both blocks. You can also choose to teach during Block I only or Block II only.

Please select the age group(s) you'd like to teach below as well as the time you'd like to teach.

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Class Proposal and Description
To help get your wheels turning, find course descriptions from prior STEAM Saturday sessions listed below. Using a fun/ catchy title is always helpful!

All the Same Inside: DNA & Cells
Did you know that 99.9% of DNA is the same in every human? Do you know the difference between RNA & DNA? In this course, take a look through the microscope and learn how the slightest differences in protein sequences create the traits we see every day when we look in the mirror including hair color and eye color.

Capoeira: Martial Arts & Dance
Learn the dance, art & music of Capoeira an Afro-Brazilian form of martial arts. Students will be led through the animal movements, songs, and rhythms of this engaging form of dance and martial arts.

Computers Inside Out
During this course, taught by a computer scientist, students will learn the basics of computer programming through fun logic games and puzzles. Through hands-on experiments, students will also learn about the electrical circuits that run computer hardware.

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Tell us a little about yourself and your knowledge of this subject. Include previous teaching experience (if you have it, not required) and any training you may have taken. For example, you might share about how this topic is your hobby/passion, what you've studied, where you've worked, groups/teams you are a part of, your research, volunteer or other experiences etc. Bullet points acceptable. *
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Is there any additional information that you would like to share, or that you think we should know while considering your course proposal?
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