Always You're My Star
ILoveHyun's 2021 Season's Greeting
Always You're My Star
1. Compisition

Calendar : 150mm X 230mm / 30p
Holography Strap Keyring
Holography Finger Strap
Holography Griptok
Post Card(5EA)

2. Schedule

Order : 2020.10.14 ~ 2020.11.01

3. Delivery

In November

4. Price

1SET 22USD(included paypal fee) + EMS fee
(Please send a DM for EMS fee before deposit.)

5. Payment Account


6. ETC

- The proceeds will be used in support of SS501.
- Please read the notice carefully before you buy it.
- There are no refunds. Please think carefully before you order.
- Deposit confirmation mail will not be sent.
- To change broken or missing things of the set, you need a video file of a delivered box to open.
- Please send the questions by Instagram DM.

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