Signature Status Application
If you wish to apply for SAWG Signature Status, you must keep track of the acceptances of your paintings in five designated juried shows AFTER your have received Juried Status. Shows used for Juried Status may NOT be used for Signature status. Shows are designated by the SAWG Board of Directors. These shows are established to be of high quality and juried generally by an artist with a national reputation.
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At present, the following shows are designated for SAWG Signature Status:
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List the date of entered shows, Title of the Show, followed by the Location of the Show then name of the Juror separated by comma. Accepted documentation may be for only one type of show, for example, five SAWG, Annual Shows OR a combination of shows listed above which add up to five. It is the number of shows, not the number of paintings, which are necessary for SAWG Signature Status. For example, three paintings in one show only count for one point. You may not receive more than one point for the same painting.
Once Signature Status is obtained, the recipient may then add the initials SAWG after the name on the painting, and may enter the SAWG Signature Show.
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