Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Achievement Award
Award Criteria:
Awarded annually, to both the engineers and owner, for a project built within the geographic limits of the Iowa Section ASCE. Given for the achievement – not to an individual – so that the many engineers who worked on the project are collectively recognized for their contributions.

Basis for the award is "an engineering project that demonstrates the greatest engineering skills, and
represented the greatest contribution to civil engineering progress and mankind." In making the selection, the
following criteria are given special weight: contribution to the well-being of people and communities,
resourcefulness in planning and in solution of design problems, pioneering in the use of materials and
methods, innovations in construction, consideration of impact on environment, unusual aspects and aesthetic
values. The jury will give full consideration to each project's possible adverse effects as well as the beneficial
effects. Large and small projects shall have equal opportunity for consideration.

Judging is by a jury composed of five knowledgeable ASCE Members or Fellows, one of each employed or
practicing civil engineering in the following areas: city government, county government, state or federal
government, education, and private practice.

Only civil engineering projects meeting the following requirements in a calendar year are considered as eligible:
a. Bridges, tunnels, waterways, structures, roads.
i. Eligible only when carrying traffic. (Time of dedication or final completion not important.)

b. Water supply, flood control dams.
i. Eligible when ready to take the full design head of water.

c. Power dams.
i. Eligible when the major civil engineered construction is completed and the structure can take its design head of water. (When power goes on line is not important.)

d. Fuel power plants (including nuclear).
i. Eligible when power goes on line.

e. Buildings and structures.
i. Eligible when ready for use.

f. Airports and similar large developments.
i. Eligible when a structure or a feature (such as major buildings or runways) is operational.
1. However, such structures or features must stand on their own in the competition, with no consideration for the overall project.
2. The entire project may be considered for the year's award when it is judged to be 75% operational in its initial stage.

g. Water supply, waste disposal, wastewater treatment and hazardous waste treatment.
i. Any portion may be eligible in its completion year, but that portion must stand on its merits, rather than represent the overall project.
ii. Where only additional units, similar to those already in operation, remain to be completed, the entire project may be considered for the year's award when it is 50% operational in its initial stage.

h. Military projects, such as bases, launching units, harbor facilities and the like are eligible for their civil engineering aspects.

i. Has not previously received this award.

Notes: To be eligible, project must be substantially complete between June 15, 2019 and June 15, 2020. Neither the designer nor the owner, or the nominator, need be members of ASCE. However, preference will be given to nominations from current ASCE Iowa Section Members.

Awards Ceremony:
The selected individual will be recognized in 2020 at The Iowa Section Annual Meeting.
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