GHS Innovation Lab Online Application.          (2023-2024 School Year)
Are you interested in joining the Greenwich High School Innovation Lab? Are you going to be a 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grader in the fall of 2023?

Interested students must complete the following application to explore some of the ways you like to learn. After applying, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. If you are interested, but still have questions, complete the application and request more information.
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What InLab Offers:  9th grade Humanities: a combined English/history program and/or STEM Biology 9. 10th-12th-grade students may choose to take just STEM or just Humanities or both. What are you interested in? (All classes are offered at honors and college prep levels; this is just a checklist for interest.) *
Innovation Lab is a project-based learning program, meaning that courses are centered around research, discussion, collaboration, and presentation of learning rather than primarily demonstrating learning with a test at the end of a unit. Rate the extent to which you agree/disagree on the following statements:
Based on my past experience, I feel my learning is best represented through my test scores rather than the projects that I complete. *
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I would rather be in a class where I can collaborate with others, hear different perspectives, and build things rather than independently take notes in a lecture. *
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I prefer when teachers allow me to "play" with the material or research it a bit before we talk about it in class.
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Which of the following statements best represents your attitude in working with groups? *
We would like to learn more about you! Please complete each statement with a couple of sentences so that we better understand your learning style.
How would your teachers or classmates would describe you in an academic setting? What do you think InLab should know about you? *
A special interest I have is ________________.
In the last year,  the most exciting/interesting/meaningful thing I learned was __________ . *
Think about a project you have completed in the past whether it was in or out of school. Describe the project. What did you enjoy about the process? What was challenging? If you could go back and change something about the final product or the process, what would it be? *
Why is InLab appealing to you, and what are you hoping to get out of it? Please respond with several sentences about your goals. *
If you had the opportunity to ask an InLab senior a question, what would it be? Do you have any questions for the teacher(s)?
Please provide the name of a teacher or counselor who knows you well and who you think could speak about your learning style: *
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