Topics up for Discussion on What Magic is This? Podcast
Before recording each episode, I give my guests a list of 15 Topics. They get to pick which topic they would like to discuss. Up to this point, I was the arbiter as to what these topics would be. But now, I'd like to know which topics you would like to see on future episodes of What Magic is This?
Which Topics would you like to have in the initial list of 15 that I give to guests before they record? Keep in mind, they have final choice as to what they would like to discuss. You get 10 picks. Most likely these will be the topics for the next 6 months (with a few surprises along the way of course).
Are there any Topics not listed above which you think should be covered? Please keep in mind, Topics should be broad and not overly specific (Unless it's a Person or a document like a specific Grimoire). For Example, I am not going to talk about the 8th House in Astrology or the second chapter of Liber AL vel Legis. I have to tally your responses the old fashion way- so hone it down to 3 topics. Only put down topics that you'd sell your first-born child to see covered. More than 3 topics and I discard your response.
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