Qualified App Store Interest Form for .APP
This form is for App Stores who are interested in partnering with Google Registry to promote .APP to their developers. There may be opportunities to enable your developers to participate in limited registration periods and/or discount programs. Please ensure you meet the following criteria before submitting this interest form.

1. Developers entering applications into the app store must meet specific criteria to become a certified developer, including a fee over $10 or local equivalent. At sole discretion of the Google Registry, the requirement of charging developers a monetary fee may be waived.

2. App stores should provide a reliable way for the Google Registry to determine whether a given app (identified by a unique id) exists in the app store, and is owned by a particular developer claiming to own it, as well as a way to authenticate the developer. This entire verification should be possible in less than 30 seconds through an online mechanism. One example is to provide an API (which can withstand reasonable traffic) through which a Google Registry script can create a unique private token corresponding to the developer account that can be used to verify the developer of the app has in fact signed into the app store via OAuth, and has appropriate permissions for a unique app ID selected by the developer via a Google Registry-hosted user interface.

3. App stores must distribute apps on a mobile operating system platform that provides a deeplinking capability that uses domain names to allow all http and https URLs to direct to content or experiences inside an app via URLs, by having that app claim the domain name of these URLs, in a way that the Google Registry can verify. The fact that the domain name in return verifies that the app can claim this name, must be verifiable by the Google Registry in real time.

4. App stores must actively review apps for quality (or reserve the right to) limiting apps to those which provide useful utility or entertainment to users, but limiting apps which could be considered spam or malware.

5. Qualified app stores must distribute standalone apps where the the app software runs directly on a mobile device platform or operating system as opposed to apps that primarily run within other apps.

6. App store must have over 500 certified developers to qualify.

7. Google may disqualify an app store at any time if the app store, in Google Registry’s sole discretion, does not meet the criteria stated here.

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