Oasis Spring 2018 Registration Form
We would like to thank you for choosing to work with Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela. Your service, talents, and knowledge will make all the difference in the lives of our students. Oasis is a program that depends exclusively on the dedication of volunteers; thus, please, make sure that - as far as possible- you are able to commit to one day per week during the Spring Semester. We ask that you sign up for one day a week only so that it is easier for you to be faithful to your weekly appointment with your tutees (children). This after school program would not be able to serve approximately 100 children from age 3 to Third Grade, Monday through Thursday without consistent and reliable help. Once the form is submitted, you should receive an email welcoming you to the program and informing you of your next steps.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Oasis Staff

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Returning tutor meaning that you have tutored with our program in a past semester, and you are returning to tutor once again.
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At the end of each month we will send a progress report of your hours already served at Oasis to your professor(s). Please note, if for course credit, you must begin tutoring before tutoring has been in session for a month. **Indicates email is already in our records.
If you stated "other" in the previous question, please provide us with your professor's email.
Please make sure an email is provided. If you do not have it at this moment, please make sure you provide it as soon as possible.
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How many hours does your course require?
This information is needed in order to help guide you in completing your hours. However, we do ask that you are responsible about keeping your weekly commitment till the end of the semester even if your class assignment is completed earlier --this is out of respect and caring for your tutees so that they do not feel abandoned by their tutor--.
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We ask that you commit to at least one day each week. If you know that you will be committing to more than one day, please check all that apply. Tutoring is 2:30-5pm
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By completing this form, I understand that I am committing to volunteer with Oasis at least one day per week during the 2017 Fall semester from the moment of registration until the end. I also understand that after 5 unexcused absences of not reporting to Oasis, my registration will be canceled, thus, I will not be considered part of the Oasis team of volunteers. Please input your initials to signify that you understand and agree to this statement. *
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