CAC Website Upgrade Survey

CAC is in the process of a major website upgrade to provide more interactivity with web based tools and increase site functionality. Your feedback on our current website will help us in this process. Please take a few minutes to complete the following website survey.
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    Site Content: Site is content rich
    Design: Pages show clear evidence of overall design theme and layout.
    Navigation: Navigation is clear and consistent. All buttons and links work.
    Timeliness: Pages are updated regularly. All information is current.
    Parents: Parent sections are current with links to newsletters, PTO and other sites for parent involvement.
    School Calendar: School activity calendars are always up to date and reliable.
    Staff Directory: Staff directory is current and list all the staff.
    Student Projects: Student Projects are a significate feature.
    Legal/Guidelines: Pages comply with school guidelines and copyright images only used with permission and credit.
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