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Fill out the form below to request your free tree! Requests are limited to one tree per household.

Please provide a valid email address below (it will not be used for any purpose beyond the tree giveaway).You will receive a confirmation email and additional information about how to pick up, plant, and care for your tree. The location is TBD, so please check your email for communication from Speak for the Trees regarding your pickup spot.
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The trees at this giveaway will be 5 gallon trees, which are 4-6 feet tall and weigh about 25 lbs. Are you comfortable planting and caring for a 5 gallon tree? *
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This is a tree giveaway event, which involves moving a tree from the event location to your residence in a car or wagon. We have a limited capacity to deliver trees for residents who otherwise would not be able to transport a tree on their own.
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