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多謝您選購 Sigma 產品. 現誠邀閣下登記成為 Sigma HK Fans Club 會員.
成為 Sigma HK Fans Club 會員, 可以第一時間接收適馬產品的最新資訊, 優先或優惠價格參加 Sigma HK Fans Club 所舉辦的攝影活動. 也可在 Sigma HK Fans Club 所提供的平台交流攝影心得, 認識志同道合的朋友互相切磋, 並增進攝影的樂趣.
Welcome to purchase Sigma products, we sincere invite you to register as a member of Sigma HK Fans Club.
As a Sigma HK Fans Club member, you will receive the latest information of Sigma products or news and can join any photographic activity organized by Sigma HK Fans Club with priority or preferential cost. In addition, you canalso share your photos or photographic experience with other photographic enthusiasts on the platform provided by Sigma HK Fans Club.
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